Dec 18

Apple releases content subscription terms for iPad

Apple has recently issued new content subscription terms for companies who want to start offering magazine or newspaper subscriptions. Other content offerings like videos and music are also affected by these new terms.
Basically, what the new terms say is that Apple now requires that it gets paid a 30 percent share whenever there is a new subscription to content like magazines, newspapers, videos and music. This is another example of Apple’s walled garden where it can freely impose whatever it likes to whomever wants access to its environment. According to analysts, Apple can impose this and despite whatever companies feel about it, they will be forced to comply because Apple enjoys a market leading position.

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Dec 10

Fundamentals on How to Advertise your Business

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If you’re planning to start business online then you should always take note about your relationship with the people around you because they are your possible costumers. It is better to start a business if you are recognized and it is also much better if you have initially built a relationship with your target market. In this way they will start recommending you to other people. Being advertised by the word of mouth is a good strategy and free.

If you have a budget then you can advertise your business through magazines, newspapers, billboards and most importantly through the internet. However, advertising is not free. Other business minded people also make use of famous speakers to help promote their business. For example if your market are students then introduce your products and services in a Thai school or Thai classes by an enthusiastic speaker.

These are only simple options on how to advertise your business. You can make your advertisement personalized through relationships or you can advertise it through modern technology. Always remember that in starting a business you have to be patient before earning and when talking to clients to help you be known as a reliable company.

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Dec 3

Internet is a need

The Internet is widely used by people of all ages. Its uses vary depending on the need of its million users. Researching definition and translation, downloading needed applications, playing online games, sources of entertainment, information dissemination, and business-related activities are just some of the common uses of the Internet. The flexibility of its use led to no other than developing its functions and widening its reach to further give quality services. Internet’s existence may have started from scratch and it may still undergo certain changes and developments but as it paves way for a use that matters, Internet will then be considered to be more than just a want but a need of almost everyone. It is a need simply because learning is made easier through it, opinions are well exposed through its programs, and people are better informed through its existence. Imagine how hard life would be if Internet didn’t arise.

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Nov 26

FaceBook Still Dominates Social Net

Social Networking SitesThe social internet is still in total flux with them growing in terms of member numbers that have swelled immensely, the winner of dominance still remains to be seen as they grow by leaps and bounds day after day. People have been scooping up social site memberships by the thousands with Facebook still at the helm with more members mainly due to it’s roots in the America’s. There are a lot more social sites all over the world, each with their own local favorites like Google’s Orkut, China’s QQ and more. Read more

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Nov 19

The Sanitized Internet

China Blocks Internet AccessChina has announced a mandatory measure that would have all computers sold in the country to get software installed that would filter the internet locally which is not surprising for they have been monitoring and screening the internet for quite sometime. China has long been blocking access to the many social and news web sites in what they say is a measure that upholds the law, something the rest of the world sees as a continuing repression of the right to information. Read more

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Nov 12

Gambling on the Web

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Would you trust sites and gamble online? Apparently, a lot of gambling websites have been raised one after the other and from all indications; many people are getting hooked up to them.

Online casinos that offer games such as blackjack, poker and sports betting are rampant with a simple search query. But as far as authentication is concerned, there are risks outside losing on bets. You simply have to treat them in a way that you would any other website today. There is simply too much risk on the web despite protection acts being done to date.

Be wise and control your decisions. It can really make a difference as far as the web is concerned.

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Nov 5

Economic Crisis Not Affecting the Internet

Category: News

As far as trying to survive in the crisis we have today, the Internet is not expected to suffer that much unless taxes and some weird laws prohibit people from using the web for livelihood. The web is evolving rapidly and has helped businesses and lives. But while many are still devising ways to keep track of these transactions, it may take time before proper sectors can pinpoint this hoopla.

Communication lines and rapid coverage are the fruits of giving the Internet a clear advantage over the rest. Many are wondering up to when this will be. From the looks of it, it will stay that way for a long time.

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Oct 29

Rent Books, Don’t Buy

Category: Facts,Information

In life, there are many different things that we crave yet we do not really need. One of the perfect examples of this would be in books. Truth be told, when people buy school books, reading books and whatnot, it does not happen very often that the reader will pick that book up again and read it over and over. The usual scenario is that the book is lot in the recesses of your shelves at home, only to gather dust and slowly deteriorate. Thus, it does not make much sense to purchase books that will only be used once, especially now when prices are skyrocketing due to high inflation.

Instead of allowing that to happen, the most practical course of action is to rent books. Not only is this alternative much cheaper than actually purchasing them, but it also lessens wastage of products. At the same time, you can cycle through different books much faster because you will have more spending money. For bookworms this can be a dream come true because they can immediately get new reading material as soon as possible without having to worry too much about expenses.

The only downside with renting books is that you do not have the feeling of owning a brand new book. Some of the material that you rent out may also be slightly damaged. For some people, this is a big issue but if you can look past that, you will ultimately be able to enjoy much more than you think.

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Oct 22

Advertisement through online dissemination

Category: Information

Advertising products, campaigning, and commercials are just some of the common forms and ways that the online world exhibits to its users to disseminate needed information. Those people that are into business are the ones that seem to take most advantage of the reach of the online community. Through posts, blogs, videos, and even group messages, users are presented with numerous varying products and services that are made for their consumption. Advertising through online dissemination is one technique that appears to work almost all the time. The increase in people getting more inclined with the usage and convenience of the Internet will also pave way for the rise of businesses and even those into selling since more people are informed of what they have to offer. All that is really needed to successfully capture the interest of the viewers are creativity and uniqueness of every offer presented.

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Oct 15

Links: a tricky subject

To get a decent ranking these days, you need to do a fair amount of work on your link profile. You can optimise your pages as far as you like, but without the reputation indicator of a good links profile, your SEO plans are not going to get you very far.

The topic of links is a very tricky one for those new to SEO to get their heads around. Links are far from simple. They’re not simple to obtain, and they’re definitely not simple to work into your rankings calculation. Even experienced search engine optimisation experts have difficulty judging what difference a particular link is going to make to a site’s SEO.

Links were once judged in a fairly democratic fashion. One link counted as one popularity vote. This system was a simple one, and made things simple for sites in terms of search engine optimisation. If a site owner wanted to get ahead in the search engines and had completed their on-page SEO, all they had to do was arrange for a few more links to point to their site. One link, one vote. Read more

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