Sep 17

Blog and Be Relieved

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Blogs are often misjudged as no more than diaries that contain nothing relevant. But for some, new ways to maximize their potential such as a form of therapeutic or business means have totally made blogging a household name on the web today.

The blogger in charge can choose to be a pessimistic or conservative one. That is the freedom given by blogging and allows people to build on their character. Enticing comment participation not only gets feedback but allows the blogger to learn and mature as well. With all these in hand, everyone will agree that blogging is good for the soul. You just have to put it up a notch and maximize its fruits.

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Sep 10


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Thanks to gamers from all over and l33t-speak (that�s hacker language for the laymen out there) shout — “w00t!” — has just been named as the “Word of the Year” by the Merriam-Webster Online Web Site. According to the Merriam-Webster Web site, the word �w00t!� (spelled with two zero�s instead of two letter O�s) is an acronym for �We owned the other team,� but is mainly used as an interjection to express joy, most especially in the case of triumph.

Such as other coded languages, l33t-speak was developed for exclusivity so as to make it harder to detect hackers� online conversations. And as the nature of speakers of coded languages, despite the popularity of “w00t!,� I�m sure that these guys have moved on and have coined another term to substitute for it. But I�m sure that whatever that new term is, it would eventually get out of its exclusivity and may even be the next catch phrase of 2008.

Source: Yahoo! News

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Sep 3

Wise Decisions in Building Your Website for SEO

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SEO Book

The purpose of establishing our website will be the initiating part which will lead towards proper conceptualization of a website and establishment on the web. Today, people build sites plainly for the sake of showing off that they have one. But overall, unless the owners of that website know for a fact that they have more things to do to market and increase visibility, chances are the whole effort will go for naught.

There are benefits and powers that a website can provide. Most of them are not unleashed if the webmaster does not know which online tools they can use to bolster the site’s capabilities. Putting up a website is one thing but growing it is another. It is like a small business that will never grow unless you know the proper strings to pull in order for it to function satisfactorily.

You can read on this article for deeper understanding: Five Questions to Answer Before You Build Your Website (source)

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Aug 27

Firefox 3.0 Beta 1 test run

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I don�t think this post can cover a lot of the improvements made on Firefox 3 Beta 1. I guess the delays are sure worth it. Now let�s get down to the good stuff:

Fixes of 11,000 plus bugs
Change of 2 million lines of code
One-click info button to get site (ownership and identity) info
Automatically disables older insecure versions of plug-ins
Workability on Microsoft Windows Vista parental controls
Resumption of downloads
Ability to save tabs
Places bookmarking engine with Smart Places Folder for further organization of bookmarks
Browser speed increases
XPCOM Tool that reduces memory leakage
And more!


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Aug 20

Samsung ties up with Netflix

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Blu Ray DVDs by Samsung can now play videostream on the Web via Netflix. Netflix is a popular online DVD rental company. This is the fourth partnership made by Netflix with an electronic consumers company. The main goal is to deliver movie titles online rather than through the ever so slow courier service. Netflix has tied up with big electronic companies like LG Electronics which enabled the user to stream movies to Microsoft XBox360 consoles. So for the owners of Samsung BD-P2250 and BD-P2500 Blu Ray players, they can immediately upgrade their devices free of charge so it can activate video streaming from the streaming service of Netflix. The company has a huge library of 12,00 movies and television series episodes. At the moment, Netflix enjoys a huge subscription of about 8million subscribers. And it has become a standard home must have services in the US. Web streaming service called ‘Watch Instantly’ is offered to its subscribers for free.

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Jun 25

Internet More Profitable than Pay TV

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Internet Pay TVInternet is taking over traditional media all over the world, including South Africa. In fact, reports show that for major South African media company Naspers, Internet sales have overtaken that of television. And while we cannot exactly claim that Internet TV is killing cable, it might be that Internet in its entirety may very well eventually spell the demise of TV.

With companies like Naspers, which used to be in the business of traditional media such as newspapers making a shift to being Internet providers, it is obvious that the Internet’s profitability will simply force businesses to making the shift in the future. After all, you can’t just ignore a 20% increase in profit like Naspers got for its annual profit.

And yes, we’ll still be watching really great TV series and even funny reality shows on TV, but when it comes to getting instant information about every conceivable topic on earth, from fashion and beauty tips to computer repairs, TV just doesn’t hold a candle over the Internet.

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May 23

New Approach to Internet Security with Shape Security

Shape Security logoSecurity is one of the major issues when it comes to internet use. From privacy concerns to the security of financial transactions when shopping online, all aspects of internet use can be used as a point of attack for cyber criminals. This has lead to numerous web security software developed by experts available for the use of anyone who wants to beef up the security in their computers. The problem though is that as anti-spyware and malware software get better, so are the malware themselves. It is clear that the present day model of fighting malware is not working well enough.

Shape Security, a startup company based in Silicon Valley, has acknowledge this problem and seeks to rectify the situation by developing a new breed of web security product that seeks to “alter the economics of web hacking” by shifting from a defensive stance to attack mode. The “technology doesn’t rely on past signatures, so it uniquely protects against zero-day and other advanced threats.”

Though details about the actual technology has not been released yet, it’s ramifications will be felt all over the world if it does indeed work. And the beauty of it is that we will also be able to focus on just enjoying the web without continuously worrying over security issues.

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May 2

Internet: A Source of Entertainment

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Internet has not only grown to benefit those in need of information and knowledge but more to its use, it has been a vital source of entertainment for many. From videos that are easily downloadable, one can enjoy watching television series and even movies at the comfort of their homes. A wide range of songs are available in all genres for musically-inclined users, one can download his or her favorite album in a minute. Books are now as well readily downloadable for one’s leisure and not worry about where to find a book of interest. Different ways of communicating may it be through chatting or video calls are made to give ease to one’s desire of interacting with friends and family members. Definitely, entertainment is its best with the existence of the Internet. Through its usage, accessibility, and availability, the online community will continue to enjoy every feature that is in the first place, made for their consumption and benefit.

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Apr 26

Internet is a need

The Internet is widely used by people of all ages. Its uses vary depending on the need of its million users. Researching definition and translation, downloading needed applications, playing online games, sources of entertainment, information dissemination, and business-related activities are just some of the common uses of the Internet. The flexibility of its use led to no other than developing its functions and widening its reach to further give quality services. Internet’s existence may have started from scratch and it may still undergo certain changes and developments but as it paves way for a use that matters, Internet will then be considered to be more than just a want but a need of almost everyone. It is a need simply because learning is made easier through it, opinions are well exposed through its programs, and people are better informed through its existence. Imagine how hard life would be if Internet didn’t arise.

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Apr 26

Advertisement through online dissemination

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Advertising products, campaigning, and commercials are just some of the common forms and ways that the online world exhibits to its users to disseminate needed information. Those people that are into business are the ones that seem to take most advantage of the reach of the online community. Through posts, blogs, videos, and even group messages, users are presented with numerous varying products and services that are made for their consumption. Advertising through online dissemination is one technique that appears to work almost all the time. The increase in people getting more inclined with the usage and convenience of the Internet will also pave way for the rise of businesses and even those into selling since more people are informed of what they have to offer. All that is really needed to successfully capture the interest of the viewers are creativity and uniqueness of every offer presented.

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