Jan 29

Make Money Online

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Making money online used to be a hard task that require you to have exceptional skills in product selling or web-design, but that is no longer the case this time! Now, you no longer have to pay cash, sell product or sell anything to make cash! Here are some of the ways:

Start your own Blog – There are different websites wherein you can set up a blog for free. A good example is Blogger. Setting up your own blog is as easy as 1-2-3. Everything you need is already there as a template and all you gotta do is add your own style. You can make money by displaying ads and get paid anytime a person who visits your blog clicks on the ads!

Write – Numerous amounts of websites will pay for articles so if you have a special talent and love for writing then this one is a good gig.

Click Like- Some companies, and I know this is hard to believe will pay you for “liking” different facebook pages!

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Jan 22

No Internet for a Week

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If you have buddies or business partners from the Middle East or India, don’t expect an email or a Private Message coming from them for a week or so. The reason being that they are disconnected to the Internet; no, it’s not because of some government crackdown or terrorist activity, but rather because of two damaged undersea cables in the Mediterranean.

There was disruption to 70% of the nationwide network in Egypt, and India suffered up to 60% disruption.
UK firms such as British Airways have told the BBC that call centres have been affected by the outage.
Industry experts said it could take up to one week to repair the damaged cables and resume full service.
International telephone calls, which have also been affected, are being rerouted to work around the problem.

Not to worry though, repairs are underway and you’ll get that email from your boss really soon.

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Jan 15

Setting Up Your Home Network

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In case of home computing there are three types of users having different choices and reasons of using computer. A Home PC has to bear work load of earning person at home, who take help of computers in their daily work or business, and they need Internet and some office packages for normal day to day work.

Second segment of home pc users are kids, they use PC’s to play several online and offline games, for them PC is not an electronic device to be handled carefully. They treat Home PC as another set of toys.

Third segment of home pc users are housewives who use computers for browsing for new recipes or new ways of decorating homes as well as for being in touch with friends and family in leisure time. Most of these Home PC users are either novice or having less knowledge of computers, Internet and its functioning.

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Jan 8

All about Creative Commons

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With access to the internet becoming more and more widespread, and more and more people discovering its ease of use, the practice of plagiarism – which is in a nutshell, copy pasting someone else’s work and passing it off as your own – has been on the rise.


This is why Creative Commons licenses now exist. Aimed at protecting website content, the Creative Commons website offers different kinds of licenses that show how an online author wishes his or her work to be used (or not used). CC licenses are also recognized by law, and ifan author wishes to enforce it against a plagiarist, then he or she has the option to do so.

To get a CC license, simple go to the website, and get the source code for the license you wish to use. Copy it and then paste it on your website’s code.


Jan 1

Have Mail contact even whilst in Bolivia!

Whether you are touring to Bolivia or live and work there, it is tremendously significant that you can check your company email either hosted on an Exchange Server Hosting, or with an Exchange provider. The facility to contact your hosted Exchange email or hosted BES on your wireless can be based on the ability of your phone to access the local mobile phone providers.
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Dec 25

You Have to Work Hard for Your Money Online

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When I started out with my first home base internet business, I was taken up an offer of having my own website build within 24 hours which was ready to earn residential incomes and maximize profits with 5 others affiliate programs. To be honest, my first website was cool. However, my credit card started to feel pain. My first payment was to buy a domain name and a hosting account. Then, by following what we called step-by-step instructions, I began my quest by joining affiliate programs.

Then, I needed to join and opened an account to have an auto responder. Again, I have to pay an upgrading fee. Then, the next instruction was buying leads to generate an opt-in list. Next, I needed to advertise to Google ad words and several pay-per-click programs.

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Dec 18

Apple releases content subscription terms for iPad

Apple has recently issued new content subscription terms for companies who want to start offering magazine or newspaper subscriptions. Other content offerings like videos and music are also affected by these new terms.
Basically, what the new terms say is that Apple now requires that it gets paid a 30 percent share whenever there is a new subscription to content like magazines, newspapers, videos and music. This is another example of Apple’s walled garden where it can freely impose whatever it likes to whomever wants access to its environment. According to analysts, Apple can impose this and despite whatever companies feel about it, they will be forced to comply because Apple enjoys a market leading position.

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Dec 10

Fundamentals on How to Advertise your Business

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If you’re planning to start business online then you should always take note about your relationship with the people around you because they are your possible costumers. It is better to start a business if you are recognized and it is also much better if you have initially built a relationship with your target market. In this way they will start recommending you to other people. Being advertised by the word of mouth is a good strategy and free.

If you have a budget then you can advertise your business through magazines, newspapers, billboards and most importantly through the internet. However, advertising is not free. Other business minded people also make use of famous speakers to help promote their business. For example if your market are students then introduce your products and services in a Thai school or Thai classes by an enthusiastic speaker.

These are only simple options on how to advertise your business. You can make your advertisement personalized through relationships or you can advertise it through modern technology. Always remember that in starting a business you have to be patient before earning and when talking to clients to help you be known as a reliable company.

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Dec 3

Internet is a need

The Internet is widely used by people of all ages. Its uses vary depending on the need of its million users. Researching definition and translation, downloading needed applications, playing online games, sources of entertainment, information dissemination, and business-related activities are just some of the common uses of the Internet. The flexibility of its use led to no other than developing its functions and widening its reach to further give quality services. Internet’s existence may have started from scratch and it may still undergo certain changes and developments but as it paves way for a use that matters, Internet will then be considered to be more than just a want but a need of almost everyone. It is a need simply because learning is made easier through it, opinions are well exposed through its programs, and people are better informed through its existence. Imagine how hard life would be if Internet didn’t arise.

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Nov 26

FaceBook Still Dominates Social Net

Social Networking SitesThe social internet is still in total flux with them growing in terms of member numbers that have swelled immensely, the winner of dominance still remains to be seen as they grow by leaps and bounds day after day. People have been scooping up social site memberships by the thousands with Facebook still at the helm with more members mainly due to it’s roots in the America’s. There are a lot more social sites all over the world, each with their own local favorites like Google’s Orkut, China’s QQ and more. Read more

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