Mar 26

Use Desktop Pop-up Application with Asterisk PBX

Reminders, alerts, pop-ups, etc. are very important in this busy running world. Multi-tasking is what all of us do and so chances of overlooking certain alerts is likely. But what if we overlook something which is really significant? Not done, right? Yes! As a result, to avoid this confusion, desktop screen pop-up was introduced. Desktop pop-up application delivers integrated web searches with GoogleMaps and GoogleSearch to locate, dial and save new contacts.

Desktop popup application combines the power of the Microsoft, the power of Google, and the power of your Asterisk PBX based phone to speed up and simplify all your phone communications. Desktop applications use Asterisk AMI link to control any phone connected to a hosted Asterisk server, or control any phone connected to a Broad Soft server.

Possible instant messaging and other Asterisk call notification tools you could utilize: include the following:
1. smbclient (SAMBA)
2. YAC (windows & TiVo listener)
3. YAACID (open source in .NET/C#): Yet Another Asterisk Caller ID
4. Jabber (various methods), ICQ, MSN, …
5. Covide (CRM software)
6. FOP (Flash Operator Panel)
7. HooDaHek (collection of CallerID scripts and tools for Asterisk VOIP PBX)
8. App_notify network caller notification. Mac OSX client available (3rd party tool)
9. app_broadcast: Works with YAC etc. (3rd party tool)
10. asteroid (Open source, JAVA)
11. iBCallMan (Windows Desktop Call Manager)
12. PL Call Notify
13. MythTV OSD
14. NetCID (talking callerid)
15. Emerald Caller-ID Search
16. ADM – Asterisk Desktop Manager
17. U-Rang II (Screen Pop Utility for Windows)
18. Asterisk Dial & Announce Tool (ADAT). Free call-notifier (Outlook/CRM integration, event handling, click-to-dial, BLF panel and more).
19. Pbx Screen Popper (Opens a web page on incoming calls based on specific matching criteria)
20. StarJunction Free Edition Caller ID pop. Integration with Salesforce and SugarCRM
21. OutCall (Pop-Up as well as Outlook integration, free and open source)
22. Email
23. CallerIDpop Perl Script
24. DialApplet, Windows, Mac & Linux
25. AsteriskCallNotification Mac
26. Asterisk+Twitter
27. VoIP Operator Free Windows call notification and dialer for Asterisk. Very easy to use and install.
28. InGenius Connector Search-and Dial PC Application, Caller ID pop, integration with MS Outlook, Active Directory and Google. Optional Softphone.
29. Thirdlane Dialer Free dialer and screen-pop application for Asterisk based PBXs. Integrated with Thirdlane PBX and Thirdlane PBX MTE, MS Outlook, any web based CRM, dual-mode – floating or Outlook toolbar, supports call to URLs.

To add to all this, Apps4Rent offers you the best application hosting solutions, such as, hosted VOIP PBX, Exchange, SharePoint, etc. These software hosting solutions has become the preferred way for companies to implement business software.

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Mar 19


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インターネットでビジネスをお初めになりたいですか。 デジタルブック、または我々が呼ぶ所のイーブックが、インターネットで人気が出てきていることを、私は観察して来ました。 情報は、何処でもいつでも、そこにあります。 インターネットで無料で提供されています。 皆、特定の事柄を実施するのに役立つ情報を徐々に頼りにしています。例えば、どうして体重を減らすか、貿易のようなさらに専門的な仕事、車の修理等です。硬表紙の本でこれらの事を学ぶ事は出来、広く利用出来ますが、大抵の場合、皆、インターネットで参照しそれらを探します。
もし、インターネットでビジネスをしたいとお考えでしたら、 イーブックをお試しになることをお勧めします。 以下に、何故イーブックが役に立つのかという理由が幾つか挙げてみました。

  • インターネットで保管が可能である。
  • 読めるようになる前に支払いが済んでいなければならない。
  • 実際の所、永遠に利用可能である。
  • 一旦販売されたら、顧客はファイルをただダウンロードして、瞬時に入手できる。 パソコンかラップトップに保管しなければならないだけである。
  • それでは、インターネットでビジネスをスタートなさりたいのなら、イーブックをお試し下さい。


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Mar 12

Open-Source Corporate Security Nightmare

Category: Facts,News,Review

Cloud ComputingThe many corporations use them yet shun from using them full time, open-sourced utilities and programs that are mostly free compared to their multi-million dollar software. Businesses are worried and they have the right to be for they have been used to very secure closed-systems that are designed to be used by them and solely by them. Open-sourced systems are on the other hand, mostly developed by a community of experts and users alike, with the occasional commercial backing or support from big names are wide open security risks due to their dynamic nature. Read more

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Mar 5

Let Your Audience Talk Back

Category: Bloggers


One of the joys of blogging is receiving feedback. With time and a little promotion, the blog that nobody reads can get hits through searches, links and random Internet surfing. Open up by allowing your readers to react and respond to particular posts or to get to know you better personally. Give your audience more avenues to reach you. Here are some ways they can get in touch:

Commenting. Probably the most obvious system, as blogging platforms have this built-in. You can also install free services such as HaloScan to add ratings and polls.
Tagboard. An app with messages written like IM, but in reverse chronological order and not necessarily in realtime. Also known as shoutboxes.
Email and instant messaging. Leave your email address and IM username on your blog profile. You’ll find that receiving email from strangers, can be both good and bad. As a precaution, use an email address that you do not use for e-commerce transactions.

Image by Bart

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Feb 26


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サムソン(Samsung)社のブルーレイ(Blu Ray) DVDはネットフリックス(Netflix)社が提供するインターネットでビデオストリームによる再生が可能となった。 ネットフリックスは人気があるオンラインのDVDレンタル会社。 ネットフリックス社がコンシューマー電子会社とパートナーを組むのはこれをあわせると4社目となる。 この最大の目的はとても遅い宅配便を介すよりも映画をオンラインで提供することである。 ネットフリックス社はLG 電子社などの大手電子会社と提携しMicrosoft社のXBox360コンソールに映画をストリームする事を可能とした。サムソン社のBD-P2250とBD-P2500ブルーレイプレーヤーを所有する人はすぐにプレーヤーを無料アップグレードしてネットフリックス社が提供するストリーミングサービスを受信を始動させることが可能。ネットフリックス社は1200の映画とテレビシリーズを保有する。現時点でネットフリックス社は800万人の加入者を有しアメリカでは必要サービスの一つとなっている。加入者には「ウォッチ・インスタントリー」(Watch Instantly)サービスが無料で提供されている。

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Feb 19

A Guide to WinMx

Image source:

This product is intended to trade songs and videos transversely the Internet using “peer to peer” (P2P) networking.

It works like this: thousands of customers install WinMX on their PCs, and freely open their hard drives to each other. As these thousands of people log on to the Net using WinMX, the pool of available WinMX hard drives changes moment-to-moment. Every WinMX user is authorized to search for songs and movies, and then begin downloading and uploading music files to each other. Equitable sharing of music and movies is endorsed, and people will often share gigabytes of files with their fellow WinMX users.

This WinMX P2P network system employs its own custom file sharing client software, created by FrontCode Technologies. The WinMX is highly controversial software because of copyright laws, and WinMX users do risk possible fines and lawsuits.

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Feb 12

Internet Shopping and Security

mastercard-prepaidOnline shopping, especially mobile shopping, is a growing trend with millions being made by businesses each day. Instead of going out to buy wants and needs these days, more and more people are opting to just go online and buy everything from games for their mobile devices to Christmas gifts and skin care products. This makes sense, after all shopping on the Internet is more convenient.

When it comes to online shopping though, you have to exercise caution and take the proper steps to ensure security. You can be sure that online businesses are doing their best to keep their websites secure, but you also need to do your job.

Some of the things you can do to make your online transactions safer include:

Shop only on encrypted sites. Look for HTTPS sites instead of HTTP because the extra S makes all the difference in terms of security.
Use prepaid debit cards. Do not use your regular savings account that has debit card features because you don’t want anyone to be able to tap into your savings. Credit cards are ok, but prepaid debit cards are even better because in case someone hacks into your account, the amount they can spend will be even more limited.
Install and update your malware and spyware software regularly. This one we all know about, so how come so many still ignore this simple security measure?

Image via MasterCard

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Feb 5

California DMV on YouTube

Category: News,YouTube

The California Department of Motor Vehicles has its own YouTube account. As of today, it has already uploaded 55 videos that feature tips, traffic trivia, and other advices that will help educate drivers of all ages about good (and not to mention legal) driving skills and etiquette.

And by the way, they also have a myspace account where visitors can post questions regarding traffic rules and stuff.

Hmm… not a bad idea! I think this is a pretty unconventional yet promising way to improve public service. To tell you the truth, I’d rather watch DMV videos than a toilet-flushing cat.

Source: The New York Times

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Jan 29

Make Money Online

Category: Information


Making money online used to be a hard task that require you to have exceptional skills in product selling or web-design, but that is no longer the case this time! Now, you no longer have to pay cash, sell product or sell anything to make cash! Here are some of the ways:

Start your own Blog – There are different websites wherein you can set up a blog for free. A good example is Blogger. Setting up your own blog is as easy as 1-2-3. Everything you need is already there as a template and all you gotta do is add your own style. You can make money by displaying ads and get paid anytime a person who visits your blog clicks on the ads!

Write – Numerous amounts of websites will pay for articles so if you have a special talent and love for writing then this one is a good gig.

Click Like- Some companies, and I know this is hard to believe will pay you for “liking” different facebook pages!

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Jan 22

No Internet for a Week

Category: Information

If you have buddies or business partners from the Middle East or India, don’t expect an email or a Private Message coming from them for a week or so. The reason being that they are disconnected to the Internet; no, it’s not because of some government crackdown or terrorist activity, but rather because of two damaged undersea cables in the Mediterranean.

There was disruption to 70% of the nationwide network in Egypt, and India suffered up to 60% disruption.
UK firms such as British Airways have told the BBC that call centres have been affected by the outage.
Industry experts said it could take up to one week to repair the damaged cables and resume full service.
International telephone calls, which have also been affected, are being rerouted to work around the problem.

Not to worry though, repairs are underway and you’ll get that email from your boss really soon.

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