Aug 29

India on the Technology Rise

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If you will notice from ads and the news we read today, India is certainly one country that is rising fast to the Internet party. From business all the way towards new innovations, India is heading the pack and it is indeed striking.

We can attribute most of it towards their fascination for technology. They have embraced and adopted technology in such a way that has made them all the more aware of what things they can improve locally. The result is obvious. They have overtaken most countries which many though had it made as far as Internet technology is concerned.

(Source) NDTV

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Aug 22


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Google has recenty announced the latest feature for their Gmail users. It will be releasing its SMS capability on GMail. Now you will be able to text your friends and loved ones while logged on to your GMail account. And you will also be able to receive text messages directly to your GMail. How cool can that be? It is very easy to use. It hopes to provide the users with greater mobility while feeling at home. Google’s latest feature works like this. You send your SMS to someone, Google has set aside 1000 phone numbers for one user, the phone number that is assigned to that SMS will then transmit the message to you. When the person replies back, the particular phone that sent your message will be the one to send it to your Gmail account. Cool.

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Aug 15

Internet is a need

The Internet is widely used by people of all ages. Its uses vary depending on the need of its million users. Researching definition and translation, downloading needed applications, playing online games, sources of entertainment, information dissemination, and business-related activities are just some of the common uses of the Internet. The flexibility of its use led to no other than developing its functions and widening its reach to further give quality services. Internet’s existence may have started from scratch and it may still undergo certain changes and developments but as it paves way for a use that matters, Internet will then be considered to be more than just a want but a need of almost everyone. It is a need simply because learning is made easier through it, opinions are well exposed through its programs, and people are better informed through its existence. Imagine how hard life would be if Internet didn’t arise.

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Aug 8

Wise Decisions in Building Your Website for SEO

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The purpose of establishing our website will be the initiating part which will lead towards proper conceptualization of a website and establishment on the web. Today, people build sites plainly for the sake of showing off that they have one. But overall, unless the owners of that website know for a fact that they have more things to do to market and increase visibility, chances are the whole effort will go for naught.

There are benefits and powers that a website can provide. Most of them are not unleashed if the webmaster does not know which online tools they can use to bolster the site’s capabilities. Putting up a website is one thing but growing it is another. It is like a small business that will never grow unless you know the proper strings to pull in order for it to function satisfactorily.

You can read on this article for deeper understanding: Five Questions to Answer Before You Build Your Website (source)

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Aug 1

Ahoy there!

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Yep, those bloody pirates have struck again! But the British police were right to save the day as they conducted a dawn raid in Cardiff, Welsh and arrested three people suspected of involvement in Internet-based music and film piracy rings. Two men (one of which is the ring leader) and a woman were said to be part of the biggest suppliers of pirated music and films in Britain, earning about 3,000 pounds (6,173 $) a month. Now I understand how these cyber thieves find the piracy business a lucrative one. Too bad it�s considered illegal and unethical. But piracy is not going to end unless people stop buying from them. Just some food for thought, folks.

Source: Reuters

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Jul 24

Setting Up Your Home Network

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In case of home computing there are three types of users having different choices and reasons of using computer. A Home PC has to bear work load of earning person at home, who take help of computers in their daily work or business, and they need Internet and some office packages for normal day to day work.

Second segment of home pc users are kids, they use PC’s to play several online and offline games, for them PC is not an electronic device to be handled carefully. They treat Home PC as another set of toys.

Third segment of home pc users are housewives who use computers for browsing for new recipes or new ways of decorating homes as well as for being in touch with friends and family in leisure time. Most of these Home PC users are either novice or having less knowledge of computers, Internet and its functioning.

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Jul 17

Internet on Your Mobile

mobile internet phone and tabletMobile devices have come such a long way that most people no longer think of them as single-function devices. Gone are the days when mobile phones where only used for calling and portable computers not really that portable. These days, you can’t even cross a street without seeing someone on their smartphone or tablet surfing the internet or at least using a special app.

With that mobile devices pack, it is no wonder that they are fast becoming the primary way people connect to the internet. From trivial matters like buying a beauty product and those hooked on Facebook checking out posts to more serious ones like checking work email, there’s nothing you can do on your desktop computer that you can’t do on your mobile device.

Of course this makes making a profit on the internet even more lucrative, which is why more businesses are focusing on mobile apps and making sure that their online sites are mobile-friendly.

Image via StateFarm

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Jul 10

Soliciting Tips for a Good Site Design

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Creating the perfect website design is not easy for everyone as lots of thought goes into creating the right website design. You have to not only consider the image you intend to propagate through the design; you also have to consider the colors, fonts and SEO techniques for your website.

While designing your website, you have to first select a color scheme that fits your company or product, and stick to it. You can get ideas for the color scheme on looking at the logo or colors used in your office stationery.

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Jul 3

Internet meltdown?

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Is this even possible? According to The Business Roundtable which is an association of CEO�s of established US companies, the threat is �urgent and real.� The breakdown of such critical information infrastructure has a 10 to 20% chance of happening in the next ten years. This can be a result of many incidences. It can be natural such as calamities or even man-made disasters such as malicious codes, code errors, or terrorist attacks.

The group also stated that an Internet meltdown, if it would ever happen, will result in reduced productivity. Profits will fall as well as stock prices. Consumer spending will erode and a liquidity crisis has a big possibility of happening. This was also discussed in �Growing Business Dependence on the Internet � New Risks Require CEO Action� � a Business Roundtable report based on earlier risk analyses done by the World Economic Forum in Geneva.

Source: ComputerWorld

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Jun 26

You Have to Work Hard for Your Money Online

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When I started out with my first home base internet business, I was taken up an offer of having my own website build within 24 hours which was ready to earn residential incomes and maximize profits with 5 others affiliate programs. To be honest, my first website was cool. However, my credit card started to feel pain. My first payment was to buy a domain name and a hosting account. Then, by following what we called step-by-step instructions, I began my quest by joining affiliate programs.

Then, I needed to join and opened an account to have an auto responder. Again, I have to pay an upgrading fee. Then, the next instruction was buying leads to generate an opt-in list. Next, I needed to advertise to Google ad words and several pay-per-click programs.

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