Jul 17

Internet on Your Mobile

mobile internet phone and tabletMobile devices have come such a long way that most people no longer think of them as single-function devices. Gone are the days when mobile phones where only used for calling and portable computers not really that portable. These days, you can’t even cross a street without seeing someone on their smartphone or tablet surfing the internet or at least using a special app.

With that mobile devices pack, it is no wonder that they are fast becoming the primary way people connect to the internet. From trivial matters like buying a beauty product and those hooked on Facebook checking out posts to more serious ones like checking work email, there’s nothing you can do on your desktop computer that you can’t do on your mobile device.

Of course this makes making a profit on the internet even more lucrative, which is why more businesses are focusing on mobile apps and making sure that their online sites are mobile-friendly.

Image via StateFarm

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