May 23

New Approach to Internet Security with Shape Security

Shape Security logoSecurity is one of the major issues when it comes to internet use. From privacy concerns to the security of financial transactions when shopping online, all aspects of internet use can be used as a point of attack for cyber criminals. This has lead to numerous web security software developed by experts available for the use of anyone who wants to beef up the security in their computers. The problem though is that as anti-spyware and malware software get better, so are the malware themselves. It is clear that the present day model of fighting malware is not working well enough.

Shape Security, a startup company based in Silicon Valley, has acknowledge this problem and seeks to rectify the situation by developing a new breed of web security product that seeks to “alter the economics of web hacking” by shifting from a defensive stance to attack mode. The “technology doesn’t rely on past signatures, so it uniquely protects against zero-day and other advanced threats.”

Though details about the actual technology has not been released yet, it’s ramifications will be felt all over the world if it does indeed work. And the beauty of it is that we will also be able to focus on just enjoying the web without continuously worrying over security issues.

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