Jun 25

Internet More Profitable than Pay TV

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Internet Pay TVInternet is taking over traditional media all over the world, including South Africa. In fact, reports show that for major South African media company Naspers, Internet sales have overtaken that of television. And while we cannot exactly claim that Internet TV is killing cable, it might be that Internet in its entirety may very well eventually spell the demise of TV.

With companies like Naspers, which used to be in the business of traditional media such as newspapers making a shift to being Internet providers, it is obvious that the Internet’s profitability will simply force businesses to making the shift in the future. After all, you can’t just ignore a 20% increase in profit like Naspers got for its annual profit.

And yes, we’ll still be watching really great TV series and even funny reality shows on TV, but when it comes to getting instant information about every conceivable topic on earth, from fashion and beauty tips to computer repairs, TV just doesn’t hold a candle over the Internet.

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